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DGAr.44 Single information point


Art. 8 DGA:


(1) Member States shall ensure that all relevant information concerning the application of Articles 5 and 6 is available and easily accessible through a single information point which may be linked to sectoral, regional or local information points. Functions of a single information point may be automated provided that adequate support by a public sector body is ensured. Member States may either establish a new information point or rely on an existing structure.


(2) The single information point shall be competent to receive enquiries or requests for the re-use of the categories of data referred to in Article 3 (1) and shall transmit them, where possible and appropriate by automated means, to the competent public sector bodies, or the competent bodies referred to in Article 7 (1), where relevant. The single information point shall make available by electronic means a searchable asset list containing an overview of all available data resources, including, where relevant, those data resources available at sectoral, regional or local information points, with relevant information describing the available data, including at least the data format and size and the conditions for its re-use.


2b. The single information point may establish a separate, simplified and well-documented information channel for SMEs and start-ups, addressing their needs and capabilities in requesting the re-use of the categories of data referred to in Article 3(1).



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