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DA.100 Contractual terms


Art. 24 Data Act (COM Proposal)


1. The rights of the customer and the obligations of the provider of a data processing service in relation to switching between providers of such services shall be clearly set out in a written contract. Without prejudice to Directive (EU) 2019/770, that contract shall include at least the following:


(a) clauses allowing the customer, upon request, to switch to a data processing service offered by another provider of data processing service or to port all data, applications and digital assets generated directly or indirectly by the customer to an on-premise system, in particular the establishment of a mandatory maximum transition period of 30 calendar days, during which the data processing service provider shall:


(1) assist and, where technically feasible, complete the switching process;


(2) ensure full continuity in the provision of the respective functions or services.


(b) an exhaustive specification of all data and application categories exportable during the switching process, including, at minimum, all data imported by the customer at the inception of the service agreement and all data and metadata created by the customer and by the use of the service during the period the service was provided, including, but not limited to, configuration parameters, security settings, access rights and access logs to the service;


(c) a minimum period for data retrieval of at least 30 calendar days, starting after the termination of the transition period that was agreed between the customer and the service provider, in accordance with paragraph 1, point (a) and paragraph 2.


2. Where the mandatory transition period as defined in paragraph 1, points (a) and (c) of this Article is technically unfeasible, the provider of data processing services shall notify the customer within 7 working days after the switching request has been made, duly motivating the technical unfeasibility with a detailed report and indicating an alternative transition period, which may not exceed 6 months. In accordance with paragraph 1 of this Article, full service continuity shall be ensured throughout the alternative transition period against reduced charges, referred to in Article 25(2).

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