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DA.004 Obligation to provide access:User


Art. 4 Data Act (COM Proposal)


"1. Where data cannot be directly accessed by the user from the product, the data holder shall make available to the user the data generated by its use of a product or related service without undue delay, free of charge and, where applicable, continuously and in real-time. This shall be done on the basis of a simple request through electronic means where technically feasible.


2. The data holder shall not require the user to provide any information beyond what is necessary to verify the quality as a user pursuant to paragraph 1. The data holder shall not keep any information on the user’s access to the data requested beyond what is necessary for the sound execution of the user’s access request and for the security and the maintenance of the data infrastructure.


3. Trade secrets shall only be disclosed provided that all specific necessary measures are taken to preserve the confidentiality of trade secrets in particular with respect to third parties. The data holder and the user can agree measures to preserve the confidentiality of the shared data, in particular in relation to third parties.



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