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DA.118 Requirements for interoperability


Art. 28 (1) Data Act (COM Proposal)


"Operators of data spaces shall comply with, the following essential requirements to facilitate interoperability of data, data sharing mechanisms and services:


(a) the dataset content, use restrictions, licences, data collection methodology, data quality and uncertainty shall be sufficiently described to allow the recipient to find, access and use the data;


(b) the data structures, data formats, vocabularies, classification schemes, taxonomies and code lists shall be described in a publicly available and consistent manner;


(c) the technical means to access the data, such as application programming interfaces, and their terms of use and quality of service shall be sufficiently described to enable automatic access and transmission of data between parties, including continuously or in real-time in a machine-readable format;


(d) the means to enable the interoperability of smart contracts within their services and activities shall be provided.


These requirements can have a generic nature or concern specific sectors, while taking fully into account the interrelation with requirements coming from other Union or national sectoral legislation."

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