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"Online platform" is a provider of a hosting service


which, at the request of a recipient of the service, stores and disseminates to the public information, unless that activity is a minor and purely ancillary feature of another service or a minor functionality of the principal service and, for objective and technical reasons, cannot be used without that other service, and the integration of the feature or functionality into the other service is not a means to circumvent the applicability of this Regulation.Art. 19-28 DSA provide for additional provisions applicable (only) to online platforms;

(Art. 3 (i) DSA)



Art. 19-28 DSA provide for additional provisions (only) for online platforms:


Art. 19 Exclusion for micro and small enterprises

Art. 20: Internal complaint-handling syste

Art. 21: Out-of-court dispute settlement

Art. 22: Trusted flaggers

Art. 23: Measures and protection against misuse

Art. 24: Transparency reporting obligations for providers of online platforms

Art. 25: Online interface design and organisation

Art. 26: Advertising on online platforms

Art. 27: Recommender system transparency

Art. 28: Online protection of minors

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