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DA.600 Formal request requirements


Request by a public sector body or a Union institution, agency or body:


  • Request shall specify what data are required - Art. 17 (1) (a)


  • Request shall demonstrate the exceptional need for which the data are requested - Art. 17 (1) (b)


  • Request shall explain the purpose of the request - Art. 17 (1) (c)


  • Request shall explain the intended use of the data requested - Art. 17 (1) (c)


  • Request shall explain the duration of the intended use - Art. 17 (1) (c)


  • Request shall state the legal basis for requesting the data - Art. 17 (1) (d)


  • Request shall specify the deadline by which the data are to be made available or within which the data holder may request the public sector body, Union institution, agency or body to modify or withdraw the request - Art. 17 (1) (e)


  • Request shall be expressed in clear, concise and plain language understandable to the data holder - Art. 17 (2) (a)


  • Request shall inform the data holder of the penalties that shall be imposed pursuant to Article 33 by a competent authority referred to in Article 31 in the event of non-compliance with the request - Art. 17 (2) (e)




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