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DA.074 Material request requirements


  • Exceptional need to use data - Art. 15


  • No activities for the prevention, investigation, detection or prosecution of criminal or administrative offences or the execution of criminal penalties, or for customs or taxation administration - Art. 16 (2)


  • Request shall be proportionate to the exceptional need, in terms of the granularity and volume of the data requested and frequency of access of the data requested - Art. 17 (2) (b)


  • Request shall respect the legitimate aims of the data holder, taking into account the protection of trade secrets and the cost and effort required to make the data available - Art. 17 (2) (c)


  • Request shall concern, insofar as possible, non-personal data - Art. 17 (2) (d)


  • Disclosure of trade secrets or alleged trade secrets to a public sector body or to a Union institution, agency or body shall only be required to the extent that it is strictly necessary to achieve the purpose of the request - Art. 19 (2)

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