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DGAa.11 Altruism activities


Art. 16 DGA:


"In order to qualify for registration in a national register of recognised data altruism organisations, an entity shall:

(-a) perform data altruism activities;




Art. 17 (4) DGA:


"Applications for registration shall contain the following information:


(f) a public website where up-todate information on the entity and the activities can be found, including as a minimum the information as referred to in points letters (a), (b), (d), (e) and (h);


(h) the objectives of general interest it intends to promote when collecting data;


(i) any other documents which demonstrate that the requirements of Article 16 are met."



Art. 18 (2) DGA:


"Any entity entered in a public national register of recognised data altruism organisations shall draw up and transmit to the relevant competent national authority for the registration of data altruism organisations an annual activity report which shall contain at least the following:
(a) information on the activities of the entity;


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