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DGAa.09 Legal representative


Art. 17 DGA:




(3) An entity which meets the requirements in Article 16, but is not established in the Union, shall designate a legal representative in one of the Member States in which those services are offered. For the purposes of ensuring compliance with this Regulation, the legal representative shall be mandated by the entity to be addressed in addition to or instead of it by competent authorities or data subjects and data holders, with regard to all issues related to entities. The legal representative shall cooperate with and comprehensively demonstrate to the competent authorities, upon request, the actions taken and provisions put in place by the entity to ensure compliance with this Regulation. The entity shall be deemed to be under the jurisdiction of the Member State in which the legal representative is located. The designation of a representative by the entity shall be without prejudice to legal actions which could be initiated against the entity themselves. Such an entity may request to be entered in the national register of recognised data altruism organisations in that Member State.



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