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DGAi.46 Cooperation between authorities


Art. 12 (3) DGA:


"The powers of the designated competent authorities, are without prejudice to the powers of the data protection authorities, the national competition authorities, the authorities in charge of cybersecurity, and other relevant sectorial authorities. In accordance with their respective competences under Union and national law, those authorities shall build up a strong cooperation and exchange the information which is necessary for the exercise of their tasks in relation to providers of data intermediation services, and aim to achieve the consistency of the decisions taken in applying this Regulation."



Art. 13 (6) DGA:


"If a provider of data sharing intermediation services has its main establishment or legal representative in a Member State, but provides services in other Member States, the competent authority of the Member State of the main establishment or where the legal representative is located and the competent authorities of those other Member States shall cooperate and assist each other. Such assistance and cooperation may cover information exchanges between the competent authorities concerned for the purposes of their tasks under this Regulation and requests to take the measures referred to in this Article. Where a competent authority for data intermediation services in one Member State requests assistance from another Member State, it shall submit a duly justified request. The competent authority for data intermediation services so requested shall, without undue delay and within a timeframe proportionate to the urgency of the request, provide a response. Any information exchanged in the context of assistance requested and provided under this paragraph shall be used only in respect of the matter for which it was requested."

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