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DGAi.29 Removal from register


Art. 13 (4) (b) DGA:


"The competent authority shall have the power to require the cessation of the infringement referred to in paragraph 3 within a reasonable time limit or immediately in the case of a serious infringement and shall take appropriate and proportionate measures aiming to ensure compliance. In that regard, the competent authorities shall have the power, where appropriate:




(b) to require a postponement in the commencement or suspension of the provision of the data intermediation service until modifications of its conditions, as requested by the competent authority, are made; or to require the cessation of the provision of the data intermediation service, in case serious or repeated infringements have not been corrected despite the prior notification or warning in accordance with paragraph (3). The competent authority for data intermediation services shall request the Commission to remove the provider of the data intermediation service from the register of providers of data intermediation services once it has ordered the cessation of the service. If a provider of data intermediation service corrects the breaches, a provider shall re-notify the competent authority. The competent authority shall notify the Commission of each new renotification.

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