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DGAr.24 Assist in seeking consent/permission


Art. 5 (6) DGA:


"Where the re-use of data cannot be granted in accordance with the obligations laid down in paragraphs 3 to 5 and there is no legal basis for transmitting the data under Regulation (EU) 2016/679, the public sector body shall make best efforts, insofar as allowed by Union and national law, to provide assistance to potential reusers in seeking consent of the data subjects or permission from the data holders whose rights and interests may be affected by such re-use, where it is feasible without disproportionate burden for the public sector body. In that task it may be assisted by the competent bodies referred to in Article 7 (1)."



Art. 7 (2) (c) DGA:


"The support [by competent bodies] provided for in paragraph 1 shall include, where necessary:

[...] where relevant, assisting the public sector bodies to provide assistance to re-users in requesting consent for re-use from data subjects or permission from data holders in line with their specific decisions, including on the jurisdiction or jurisdictions in which the data processing is intended to take place and assisting the public sector bodies in establishing technical mechanisms that allow the transmission of requests for consent from re-users, where practically feasible"

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