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DGAr.13 Preserve protected nature of data


Art. 5 (3) DGA:


"Public sector bodies shall, in accordance with Union and national law, ensure that the protected nature of data is preserved, which may include providing for the following requirements:


(a) to only grant access to reuse data where the public sector body or the competent body, following the request to reuse, has ensured that data has been anonymised in the case of personal data, and that data has been modified, aggregated or treated by any other method of disclosure control in the case of commercially confidential information, including trade secrets or content protected by intellectual property rights;


(b) to access and re-use the data remotely within a secure processing environment provided or controlled by the public sector body;


(c) to access and re-use the data within the physical premises in which the secure processing environment is located in accordance with high security standards, if remote access cannot be allowed without jeopardising the rights and interests of third parties."

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