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The tiles on this page are based on the results of a work by Stefan Drackert, who developed a catalogue of typical risks of processing personal data in 2014. Quote from the book description:


"In a world characterised by data processing and communications surveillance, it must be clear exactly what existing data protection law is supposed to protect against. This has not been the case so far. Politics, case law and legal literature frequently refer to risks of processing personal data, but have so far not been able to clarify what these are exactly. This paper therefore identifies for the first time in a systematic way relevant risks from data protection regulations at different levels of law (international law, regulations of international organisations, law of the European Union, national constitutional law) as well as from the relevant legal literature. The result is a catalogue of typical risks of processing personal data, which represents the "substrate" of the conceptions examined. This catalogue can facilitate the interpretation of indeterminate legal concepts in data protection law by the users of the law and contribute to the simplification of data protection regulations in the context of future reforms. The identified risks can also form a starting point for further research in non-legal disciplines."


(Stefan Drackert, Die Risiken der Verarbeitung personenbezogener Daten - Eine Untersuchung zu den Grundlagen des Datenschutzrechts, 2014)


Drackert identifies the following typical risk deriving from the processing of personal data:


Treatment of the human being as mere object: Tile RC.02

Increasing the vulnerability to crime: Tile RC.03

Shame and damages caused by publicity of data: Tile RC.04

Damages due to selection processes: Tile RC.05

Disappointment with confidentiality expectations: Tile RC.06

Damages due to the permanence of data: Tile RC.07

Decontextualization: Tile RC.08

Information Emergence: Tile RC.09

Information incorrectness: Tile RC.10

Heternonomy: Tile RC.11

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